Wolf River Conserve

Our Conservation Focus

The Wolf River Conservancy was born in 1985 out of a need to protect, preserve and conserve the Wolf River Watershed as a public natural resource. Our ultimate goal: ensure a sustainable water source for humans and a natural habitat corridor for plants and wildlife in our community for generations to come. Our actions towards this goal correlate to over 20,000 acres being protected by the Conservancy to date. 

Our mission of protecting and enhancing the Wolf River and its watershed is enacted at the highest level, as we are a nationally accredited land trust through the Land Trust Alliance. Following best standards and practices, we enable better education, recreation, and conservation efforts throughout the watershed. These efforts start with land, but they are enhanced daily by you, our friends and our partners who desire to learn and do more about preservation, conservation, and sustainability. They also extend to those who want to enjoy and connect with the natural resources we work to preserve and maintain every day. 

Our primary focus is the Wolf River watershed, which is divided by 19 sub-watersheds that we have ranked into focus areas. Driven by science-based mapping analysis, a numeric conservation value is calculated and yields the basis of our land prioritization. The plan further scores connectivity, size and shape of protected lands to better determine conservation prioritization. This adaptive plan changes as more lands are protected.

To explore highlighted protected lands in the Mid-South Region, which includes our land conservation impact in combination with conservation work from other land trusts, governments, and landowners, check out our Interactive Map.