Wolf River Kayak

The Wolf River

The Wolf River winds over 100 miles through two states and three counties including Memphis, TN. The Wolf River Conservancy is dedicated to the protection of the Wolf River as it interacts with the Memphis Aquifer. The Aquifer is important to preserve as it supplies millions of residents with clean drinking water. We seek to protect the lands around the Wolf River in perpetuity for generations to come.

Wolf River Drone
Wolf River Greenway


The Wolf River Greenway is a 26-mile paved pedestrian pathway along the meanders of the Wolf River. It is being constructed as a public-private partnership between the Wolf River Conservancy, the City of Memphis Division of Parks, and Shelby County.

Upon completion, the Wolf River Greenway’s paved corridor of protected green space along the Wolf River will connect 22 Memphis neighborhoods and over 853 acres of recreation, wildlife habitat and green space.

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