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For the Community

The Wolf River Conservancy is proud to offer a variety of free programming and service options for adults and families in our community!  These include presentations, outdoor programs, workshops, lectures, and service projects.  While many of these opportunities are listed on our Activity Calendar, we also make every effort to arrange programs or service projects for groups which reach out to us.  We have worked with numerous Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, college students, corporate employees, church groups, garden clubs, and other organizations over the years. Feel free to contact Cathy Justis for more information.  We would like to thank Buckman and the Crawford Howard Foundation for their support of our education programs.

For the COmmunity
Wolf River - For K-12

For K-12

The Wolf River Conservancy offers free environmental education programming to K-12 students in Memphis Shelby County Schools, independent schools, and schools throughout the Mid-South. We seek to connect classroom concepts to the real world by offering place-based education, hands-on activities, service projects, and field trips, in addition to classroom programs on the Wolf River and a variety of related topics such as the aquifer, water quality, watersheds, wildlife, ecology, and conservation. All programs reinforce state education standards and can be tailored to the goals of individual teachers.  For more information on school programs, please contact Cathy Justis.  We also offer periodic Project WET Workshops for educators and interested community members.