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On the Greenway: New Bridges on Phase 12A1

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June 26, 2023

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On the Greenway: New Bridges on Phase 12A1

Construction on Phase 12A1 continues to move forward!  This phase of the Wolf River Greenway was made possible through Mayor Jim Strickland’s Accelerate Memphis program with a grant of $2.5M to the Wolf River Conservancy.

As of last week, Chris-Hill Construction has installed all three bridges on this 0.75-mile phase.  The Conservancy has had great success using prefabricated pedestrian bridges on the Wolf River Greenway.  These bridges are made off-site and then shipped to the site in large segments.  Pioneer Bridge out of Ft. Payne, Alabama, has fabricated the bridges on the last several phases of the Greenway.  Chris-Hill Construction and Pioneer Bridge have been great partners on this project, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of all of their crew.


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