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Permanent Protection of 36-acres of Wetlands

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June 22, 2024

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Permanent Protection of 36-acres of Wetlands

Within the City of Memphis, there are still high quality wetland habitats offering refuge within a predominantly built environment.  One such place is now permanently protected via a conservation easement.  Ensuring that the private landowner does not damage the conservation values of the property, a conservation easement enforces restrictions to the deed of the land. The property contains bottomland hardwood forest habitats ranging from “those oak trees are pretty tall, oh, and my shoes are getting muddy” to “I’m in waist-deep water, and there’s a duck swimming by!”  Baldcypress and water tupelo trees occupy the wettest habitats, with some trees likely over 200 years old.  Some of the baldcypress “knees” are over 5 feet tall – unusually tall for these odd-looking roots.  These trees are still standing and have avoided being timbered, likely because much of the property has held deep water for generations.  What is more amazing is we get to ensure the property is protected in perpetuity.  We want future generations to know that right in the city, ducks are swimming, dwarfed under old-growth trees.  This conservation easement is a step towards that vision.

Memphis has conserved a wetland with old-growth trees and diverse habitats under a conservation easement, protecting it for future generations.


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