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River Reflections: Summer Paddling on the River

Wolf Mountain Howling
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June 23, 2024

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River Reflections: Summer Paddling on the River

June 20th marked the arrival of the summer solstice and the subsequent lessening of the spring rains. The river responded in kind to the diminishing water from its watershed and has dropped to a level supplied by the natural springs along its path. This will uncover more of the downed trees and cypress knees making a paddle more fun for those of us who enjoy increasing challenges. The coolness of the spring-fed waters will be a welcome respite from the heat of our summer.

Along the banks, the showier flowers of catalpa trees and other plants have expired and been replaced with trumpet vine and elderberry blooms. As the name suggests, the orange blossoms of the trumpet vine are trumpet-shaped and perfectly adapted to satisfy the needs of the ruby-throated hummingbird. Likewise, the cream colored umbrels of the elderberry shrub have emerged and will soon transition to red berries and then to the black ones so coveted for its medicinal and other properties, as well as by many birds. It is not necessary to be on the river to enjoy these plants. Both are very common in the roadside fields along the highway, and in the natural areas of our city.

Our June First Saturday Paddle was the section between Germantown Parkway and Kennedy Park. One paddler reminded us of the fact that it had been a number of years since we paddled an urban Wolf section for our First Saturday event during the late spring or summer and that he immediately signed up when he saw the event. He had paddled it numerous times in the past and was glad to have an opportunity to enjoy the section this year with us.  

Through the remainder of the summer, our paddles will be oriented to the shadier, cooler sections of the river. We will be returning to paddle the Ghost section of the Wolf River in September. Come along and join us soon!

Summer solstice brings lower river levels, enhancing paddling fun. Blooms shift from catalpa to trumpet vine & elderberry. June paddle event success.


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